Vehicle/Car Wrap and Lettering


Stand out from the Crowd, Turn some heads and show off your business in amazing high definition full color. Why pay for advertising space when you can OWN it!

Trying to stand out from thousands of cars on the road is not easy, especially when your competition looks just like you. We have trained ourselves to zone out all of those decals and numbers we pass by day to day on the road, but something we can not ignore is a full in your face billboard driving right next to you. You have only got under 3 seconds to make an impression, why not make it a BIG one? Make your logo larger than life and wrap it all the way across your car or truck, magnetize the attention of your audience from across the street with bright neon colors and a giant picture of your product… or just keep it simple and effective with a cool yet professional artistic design. Whatever you do, a full color graphic strapped on your ride is guaranteed to grab the attention of anyone you pass. This is an investment that is sure to pay you back, all while protecting the original finish of your vehicle or hiding it. Expand the possibilities by purchasing an old beat up box truck, wrapping it and parking it right off the main street. your own portable billboard, and no more real estate costs to worry about.

Getting started is simple. Give us a call or stop on by our local store. Bring us some photos of your business, products, logo and artwork (if available) and give us an idea of what your vision is. You will sit down with one of our trained graphic artists to develop and design your new wrap. Turn-around time is usually under a week and the results are spectacular!


Vehicle Lettering

Even though we recommend them for the maximum advertising effect, Full Wraps are not for everybody. A simple lettering job can give you a very classy look while showing your customers that you are not a fly-by-night business. A business without a sign is a sign that you have no business. Build your brand and provide a way for your clients to get ahold of you. It’s been proven that businesses with brand and phone number on their vehicles get more business than ones without, and customers are more likely to build trust in companies with a sign.

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